1. Harvest
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From the album "Crossroads".

The Mother Goddess symbolizes the earth giving forth a bountiful harvest. The Crone symbolizes the wisdom of our grandmothers. She teaches us to take time to rest and reflect.


Harvest Song

The Sun King embraces the Mother in her fullness
The fruits of labor she now bears
Dance in celebration for the harvest time is here
Feast and mirth are ours to share

Now is the time to bring magic to fruition
Now is the time of thanks and gratitude
We turn the seasons wheel and the darkness closes in
Listen as the Crone whispers to you.....

She sings of the seeds worked upon the field
She sings of the harvest that it gives
She sings of the crops that have fallen to the ground
And the seeds of life yet to live

And she says,
Rest in my darkness. Turn your spirit inward.
Dwell upon the seed and your own spark of life.
Think of all you've conquered. Think of all you've done.
Transform within the magic of the darkening time.”

- copyright J.L. Greene