1. Bard

From the recording Crossroads

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A song to honor the original storytellers and songwriters. It is because of their great skill that the ancient nature myths are alive and vibrant today.


Bard Song

We honor now the Celtic bard
We offer up our praise
Guardians of our mysteries
Keepers of the old ways

We honor the bards of Celtic old
Rememb'ring their ancient stories
Spinning their tales by fire light
Of lovers, legend and glory
Of spells and circles and mother earth
Of healing, seeing and giving
Of ties to the seasons, the sun's rebirth
And all nature's lessons for living


We honor the bards of Celtic old
For passing down tradition
Hundreds of songs from memory
Many legends were never written
They kept the dreamer's heart alive
Through story, song and lore
So the Goddess would not be forgotten
Her songs will always endure


We honor the bards of Celtic old
Wanderers and sages
Singing in the tongues of
Long-forgotten ages
And with entrancing melody
Their rhythmic spell was cast
Bringing to life our history
Rekindling our past


- copyright J.L. Greene