1. Crossroads

From the recording Crossroads

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This is a song about coming to a point where you have to make a life-changing decision. Crossroads asks the questions... Do you believe in the magic in your life? Do you have the faith to take the leap and follow your dreams? Are you being true to yourself? Are you showing the world who you truly are and all you have to offer?



Moon mist of endless ages
Through the doorway of eldest sages
Cloaked in the veil, I journey circling
The sacred wheel forever turning

But now I have a choice to make
At the crossroads which path do I take
When hope is lost and faith is shaken
Do I take the path less taken

Old Voices are calling me
To what seems far beyond my reach
Sacred spirals stir in me
Awakened, I must go on

Moonmist of endless ages
Gazing back upon life's pages
The sands of time slip through my fingers
My vision clears, but doubt still lingers

Invoking Gods of mythic might
To let the wings of hope take flight
I take a step, my path is laid
Will they bless the choice I've made

New Voices summon me
To share the songs I weave
Inspiration stirs in me
Awakened, I must go on

Moonmist of endless ages
Countless masks upon life's stages
The lies I've lived, the roles I've played
My dreams denied, my self betrayed

Time to change my destiny
And finally let my soul break free
I lay a new path, I make a new choice
To follow Muse's beckoning voice

New Voices guiding me
All doubt and fear are gone
Sacred spirals flow through me
Awakened, I will go on

Moonmist of endless ages.....
Moonmist of endless ages.....

- copyright J.L. Greene