1. Dance with Me

From the recording Crossroads

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A light-hearted jig about not taking life too seriously.


Dance With Me

You walked in the pub
You'd had enough
Such worry on your face I could tell
So you got to drinkin' to stop you from thinkin'
About your day of living hell

Well the band starts to playin'
The fiddler a-swayin'
The bodhran pounds out a steady beat
How I think it would do you some good
To take my hand and move your feet

Stop drownin’ your sorrows
And dreadin’ tomorrows
Let your heart be wild and free
Life is for living and love is for giving
So get on the floor and dance with me

Let the rhythm control you
The fiddle console you
The music enfold you in harmony
Take joy in revelry of the melody
Get on the floor and dance with me


You don't need a doctor
You don't need a shrink
You don't need to win the lottery
To cure what ails ya it never fails ya
And dancin' is cheaper than therapy


Copyright 2008 JL Greene