1. Lady Moon

From the recording Crossroads

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Late one January night I took a walk to clear my head. I came to an outcropping of large stones and, as I stood in the center, I felt transported to another time and place. I could sense the peace and wisdom of my ancestors surrounding and guiding me. Over my head the full moon danced above the trees and I felt at one with the natural world around me. The Welsh Celts called the moon Arianrhod, which means "Silver Wheel," and saw her as a mothering figure.


Lady Moon

I walk up the autumn road
Heart pounding in my head
Not knowing exactly what I fear but feeling its dread
Dogma shouts behind me as I feel the shackles break
My destiny is now mine to make

Still fighting battles in my head
Of a past that's so long gone
Through pain and perseverance
My freedom has been won
What enchantment now pulls me here, into this haunting place
With ancient stones I stand face to face

Lady Moon, Soul of Silver Light
The magic flows and walks me through the night
Summoning me, setting me free, rekindling distant memories
Oh Lady Moon, Arianrhod, Oh Lady Moon, Arianrhod

I now reach the standing stones
And calm falls over me
Surrounded and completed by
A starry autumn breeze
I hear the Ancient's welcome, friends and guides all
Then silence as they wait for my call

I've brought a chant from an old book
That the gates would open to me
But as I walk along this night
My own song I now weave
The gates already open to let me walk between
The magic is with me if I just believe

Lady of Mysteries, flying above the trees
Echoing through ancient stone
Calling me back, calling me home

from Crossroads, released January 1, 2008
all rights reserved