1. Spring Love

From the recording Crossroads

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This song began as a Valentine poem for my husband. It perfectly expresses both my feelings for him and about that blessed time of year when the days begin to noticeably lengthen and the gray bleakness seems to give way to sunlight and sweet spring air.


Spring Love

The gray sky is cracked by the light of gentle rays
Whispering spring breezes tell secrets to the mist
Melted snow trickles o'er dark muddied earth
The trees awake and stretch their branches

They wake from their dreams to find this world enchanted
Promises of flowers and newborn hope
Readied now for the silence to end
The air is filled with joyous song

As the birds rebuild their homes and the faeries dance their rounds
I journey deep into the mist and find your love surrounds
You are the newness of the green branches
You are the spring breeze that warms me in the cold
You are the song that fills up my heart
You awaken me and renew my dreams
You awaken me and renew my dreams
from Crossroads, released January 1, 2008
all rights reserved