1. Believe

From the recording Crossroads

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A song written for my daughter about believing in faeries and in all of life's magic. Believing is seeing! Artwork, "Bright Little Fairy," by Jane Starr-Weils.



Vs.1: What an adventure we've had, my Friend
But even fairy balls must have an end
As you recount the dances in your head,
I'll tuck you safely in your bed
I must fly, though, I won't be far
Just wish on mushroom, stone or star
Fairies roam but never leave
If in your heart, you believe...

Chorus: In yourself and in your dreams
Believe in fairy balls and fairy queens
When you believe, my darling girl,
You bring fairy magic back to your world

Vs.2: When you wake up, though it may seem,
That Fairyland was just a dream
Remember petal gowns and crystal streams
And the Great Hall of the Fairy Queen
When doubters say we don't exist,
Tell them by pixies, you've been kissed
Trust, though others cannot perceive
Blessings abound when you believe...


Vs.3: Dear Child, don't grow too fast
Make childhood moments last and last
Treasure each flower, cherish each day
Remember to laugh your cares away
Keep your wonder and wild heart,
And from the fairies, you'll never part
Fairyland you will always see
If in life's magic, you believe...


Fairy Magic back to your world

You bring fairy magic back to your world.
from Crossroads, released January 1, 2008
all rights reserved