1. 01 Affirmation

From the recording Wild Earth Child

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At a particularly dark time in my life I was introduced to the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay. This book teaches about the power of affirmations which are empowering words one says each day to create a positive mind-set. This book did indeed heal my life! These are my own personal affirmations


I open my eyes to the miracles surrounding me
All the love that is found in me
Ancient music resounds in me

I set myself free, love and openness are in control
Won’t let fear take its hold
I trust the wisdom my spirit knows

Let go, let your soul free- flow, Let go, let hope flow
Let go, let love flow, This is my affirmation
Let go, let peace flow, Let go, let joy flow
Let go, let abundance flow, This is my affirmation

I won’t let the magic of life be missed
All that is Goddess-kissed
I follow the path of bliss

I can be all that I dream to be
I let my wings fly free
Intention weaves my destiny


Only good lies before me
I have ones who love and adore me
I am divine essence
Finding power in the present
Relaxed, that’s a fact, no worries,
Taking my time, not in a hurry
Trustin’ my intuition
Love is my only mission


from Wild Earth Child, released December 30, 2011
all rights reserved