From the recording Wild Earth Child

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This leafy mythic figure is the protector of the forest and the guardian of wild places. He is the caretaker of Mother Nature, encouraging us to follow in his joyful footsteps. He teaches us that balance with Nature is balance with ourselves.


Lord of the Dance, King of the Forest
All of nature joins in his chorus
Jolly, laughing, full of life
The Mother Earth, his beloved wife
Leaves a-twining in his hair
A thunderous song, a lightning stare
He lurks in the churches of old
In the trees as they turn from green to gold

Wild Earth Child, return to the land
Join in the dance of the Green Man
Wild Earth Child, return to the land
Join in the dance of the Green Man

We’re all part of the cosmic force
Of nature and of spirit
Though some have forgotten
And some don’t want to hear it
Too busy shopping for landfill waste
(There’s a) Sale at the local box store
The Green Man gives a warning
Hear his mighty roar

What do you put in your body
What do you put in your mind
What about your spirit,
That forgotten inner child
And what are you doing to the land
With no reason or rhyme
Come back to balance
There’s no better time


When we harm the Mother,
We harm ourselves too
I know you want to be the change
Here’s what we can do
Take his hand
Return to the land
A spirit of oneness with all of life,
You will understand

from Wild Earth Child, released December 30, 2011
all rights reserved