1. 03 Phoenix

From the recording Wild Earth Child

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This is one of my favorite myths. This firebird
is reborn from its own ashes and now possesses
transformative powers to heal others; a
beautiful story of hope and overcoming obstacles!


Rise up phoenix
Rise from the fire
Rise up phoenix
Strive ever higher
The wheel of time
Turns ‘round and has brought a new morn
Another chance to be reborn

You flew so high into the sky
And tried to touch the sun
Til you burst into flames
All your plans came undone
In a downward spiral
Hope dashed before your eyes
Maybe there's a lesson here,
A blessing in disguise


Everyone falls my dear
Everyone crashes
Stand up, stand up my dear
And dust off the ashes
All happens for a reason
If it is not clear
Time will help you to see
Through the mist of your tears


We all crash and burn,
All take a wrong turn
But never do we fail if the lesson is learned


Phoenix sing, your blackened wings
Have turned to red and gold
Now you have the pow'r to heal
Just as the legend is told
You can set out again
To touch your dreams and desires
With a new wisdom
Forged in phoenixfire
from Wild Earth Child, released December 30, 2011
song written and sung by Jenna Greene

arrangement, acoustic guitars, percussion, bass,
electric violin, electric guitar, keyboards & sound effects by Robert McClung www.robertmcclung.net

art: Phoenix Fire by Cristian Papi, used with permission