1. 05 Muse

From the recording Wild Earth Child

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Explores the relationship between artist and creative spirit that the Celts called “the fire in the head.”


Along this path I wander
Filled with hunger
For a fire I cannot see
When I am still,
She comes and works Her will
Lets Her songs flow through me

I have no choice
But to follow Her voice
For it leads to ecstasy
I want nothing less
Than this daring quest
Enshrined in mystery

(Chorus) Oh what you do to me
With your secret sorcery
You have cast your spell on me
Pull me, reel me in

She draws me to the strings
Breathes in me as I sing
Fills me up and makes me whole
Inner fire rages
Sonnets fill my pages
And heal my weary soul

From deep within the well
Comes the mystic’s spell
The dreamer’s serenade
That makes the fool believe
And the deaf man heed
And dispels my darkest shade

(Chorus and Instrumental)

The way is easy
We just make it harder
Than it really has to be
When I am brave
And follow the path I crave
All doors open before me

from Wild Earth Child, released December 30, 2011
all rights reserved