1. 09 Enchantress

From the recording Wild Earth Child

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Come to me tonight Beloved
In forest glens we shall meet
Come gaze into my eyes Beloved
And taste my kisses sweet

Don't think upon work tomorrow
Work can wait another day
Lie within my arms tomorrow
After a night of play

(Chorus) Follow my voice
Soft on the air
Let me enfold you
Melt away your cares

Search for me tonight Beloved
I'll appear in sheer, silken dress
Moonlight in my eyes and hair
Come feel my soft caress

Steal away tonight Beloved
Steal away into the deep
Whisper, love, into my ear
We'll share the secrets we keep


Don't resist tonight Beloved
Come to me with heat and haste
We'll go to places once forbidden
The fruits of summer we'll taste

Steal away tonight Beloved....

Wild in the wood, passion’s sweet kiss
Clutching, entwining, deep in the mist
Deep in the mist
from Wild Earth Child, released December 30, 2011
all rights reserved