Jenna Greene presents Mermaids & Water Magic: A Musical Ritual

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The Veiled Crow, 1830 Broad Street , Cranston, RI

Musical Ritual: Mermaids & Water Magick

This event will be both a concert of mermaid-inspired songs, and a guided ritual journey exploring the mystical powers of water and how to use them to transform your life.

Mermaids embody these watery powers: love, beauty, mystery, allure, intuition, and lunar magick. They represent the perfect balance between emotional control and wildness. We will delve deep into these energies and how we can use them in our lives. Jenna will sing and guide you through an uplifting ritual, sharing inspiring ways to daily tap into your watery powers for clarity, creative flow, and to release the energies that block us from our paths. Mermaids are known for their confidence and healing powers. Through mystical song, Jenna will help you raise energy for your own personal intentions. Come celebrate sacred water and the mer-magic within you!

Tickets are $55. Space is limited. Reserve your spot at